Influence of sintering temperature on phase composition of β′-SiAlON/ZrN/Al_2O_3 composite materials


MA Beiyue~a,ZHU Qiang~a,SUN Yong~a,YU Jingkun~a,and WANG Jingxin~b a School of Materials & Metallurgy,Northeastern University,Shenyang 110004,China b Beijing General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals,Beijing 100088,China


<正>According to the relational thermodynamic data,a phase diagram of Al_2O_3-ZrSiO_4-C-N_2 system was presented.Then,by using fused corundum,alumina micro powder,zircon and carbon black as raw materials,β'-SiAlON/ZrN/Al_2O_3 composite materials were prepared by nitridation reaction sintering process.The influence of sintering temperature on phase composition of the synthesized composite materials was investigated by X-ray powder diffraction,and the formation process of the composite materials was also analyzed in detail.The results indicated that theβ'-SiAlON/ZrN/Al_2O_3 composite materials could be prepared at 1773 K by nitridation reaction sintering process.The formation process of the composite materials included the decomposition of zircon,the formation of Si_2N_2O and Si_3N_4,the formation of O'-SiAlON andβ'-SiAlON as well as the nitridation process of Zro_2.


composite materials;;phase composition;;nitridation reaction sintering process;;thermodynamic analysis


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