Hot deformation and processing maps of In-situ TiB_2 reinforced 6351 composite


LI D.F.and GUO S.L. General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals,Beijing 100088,China


<正>The deformation behavior of an In-situ TiB_2/6351 composite synthesized by mixed salt reaction method was investigated by means of hot compression tests.The flow stress curves were obtained in the temperature and strain rate ranges of 300-550℃and 0.001- 10 s~(-1),respectively.Both optical and transmission electron microscopy were used to evaluate the microstructural evolution of the composite. The results show that the flow stress decreases with decreasing strain rate and increasing temperature,and the activation energy is about 169.98 kJ/mol.The processing map was developed for the strain ofε=0.6 following the dynamic material model.The processing map presents one instable zone at higher strain rate.The microstructural examination showed that particle fracture,debonding,adiabatic shear band formation in the instable zone.Two domains corresponded to dynamic recovery and dynamic recrystallization during hot deformation. The dynamic recrystallization and instable zone identified in the processing map were in good agreement with the microstructural observations.The processing map can be used to select the optimum processing parameters of stain rates and temperatures for effective hot deformation of the composite.


TiB_2/6351 composite;;processing map;;dynamic recrystallization;;flow instability


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