Development and Applications of Linear Ultrasonic Motors


Zhiyuan Yao;Qianwei Fu;Ranran Geng;Yue Jian;Zhen Liu;


This paper proposed structural design methods for the development of high-efficiency linear ultrasonic motors(LUMs) that can be applied in robotic fields. A continuous variable cross-section Langevin vibrator was adopted for higher vibration efficiency of the stator. To improve the structural stability of the motor, the clamping component of the stator and the applying method of pre-pressure were modified as well. The clamping component was designed as a structure with flexible hinge. Furthermore, three types of LUMs were designed based on the proposed design methods. Experimental results showed that their feature size, maximum thrust, maximum speed and displacement resolution are 35-60 mm, 37 N, 1 mm/s and 50 nm, respectively, which indicated the designed LUMs had good output performance and precision. Finally, several applications of these designed LUMs including micromanipulator, absolute gravimeter and car top window were introduced.


Linear ultrasonic motor;;Structural design;;Clamping component;;Robotic application


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