Effective Young’s modulus measurement of plasma-polymerized allylamine films under humidity ambient


Akiko N. Itakura;Masaya Toda;Renate Foerch;Rüdiger Berger;


Determination of mechanical properties of thin films, such as the Young's modulus, is of fundament importance when the films are used for coating or for MEMS materials. It is known that a thin film has special mechanical properties, which is different from the bulk value of the same material. Plasma-polymerized allylamine (PPAA) films have attracted considerable attention for applications as substrates for immobilizing biomaterials [1], dielectrics for field effect transistors [2], and coatings for humidity sensors by using the swelling property of the material [3]. It is necessarily to evaluate the mechanical properties of PPAA films, since these devices are used as structural parts of micro elector-mechanical systems. We want to find out the Young's modulus for a swelling thin film by tuning the humidity content. To clarify the swelling mechanism in micro cantilever sensor (MCS) system, we have developed a method to determine mechanical properties of very thin films with thickness less than 100 nm. In this paper we have measured a mechanical property of thin film, in terms of Young's modulus. For a bulk material Young's modulus terminology is used, we call it effective Young's modulus for a thin film.


Young’s modulus, thin film, Plasma deposition, humidity effect, organic film


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