Self-Diffusion of Fluid contained in a nanotube


Reena Devi;Sunita Srivastava;K Tankeshwar;


Dynamics of fluid confined in nano-geometries has gathered attention of many researchers due to its technological applications. Fluid in confined geometries has been studied [1] by many workers by using experimental and theoretical techniques. Molecular dynamics simulation has also been used to study the dynamics of fluid flow inside carbon nanotubes [2,3]. These studies suggest that when ultrathin channels such as carbon nanotubes contain water, fluid mobility is greatly retarded compared to that on the macroscale[4]. These findings pose new challenges for developing model and devices at nanolength scale. Our main aim in the present work is to develop theoretical model for the study of diffusion of fluid inside nanotube. Theoretically, the diffusion of a fluid confined in cylindrical nanotube has been studied by proposing model which is based on the microscopic consideration. The confinement affecting the movement at atomic level has been used to study velocity auto correlation function. Near the walls the dynamics of fluid has been found to slow down to an extent that it affects the flow of fluid even in the middle of the nanotube. Below a certain value of ratio of width to the diameter of particle to diameter of the nanotube, the fluid behaves as if it belongs to solid. The results obtained are contrasted with the results obtained for fluid confined in rectangular nanotube[5].


Diffusion, Nanotube, confinement.


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