Outgassing properties of ferrite material after different treatment


J.H. Zhang*, J. Meng, W.SH. Yang, X.T. Yang, D.ZH. Guo, CH. Luo, Y.G. Zhao, ZH.J. Hu , SH.J. Hou Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,409 Nanchang Road, P.O. Box 31, Lanzhou 730000, China


As ion beam extraction components using in accelerator Ultra-high vacuum system, ferrite material has to be treated to satisfy low outgassing rate for vacuum system up to 10-7-10-10Pa. By the method of switching two pumping paths (SPP), outgassing properties of ferrite material treated with normal cleaning, high vacuum degassing, high vacuum degassing and TiN coating, 300℃ baking or after exposing to air or N2 have been measured and compared.


outgassing , ferrite material, accelerator vacuum system


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