Protein aggregation captures the stable cellular proteome permissive for MHC class I cross presentation


Shira Tabachnick-Cherny;Dikla Berko;Yocha Wolf;Caterina Cuarto;Ziv Porat;Rotem Karmona;Boaz Tirosh;Steffen Jung;Ami Navon;


<正>Cytosolic short-lived proteins and defective ribosomal products(DRi Ps)were shown to constitute the major antigen source for direct MHC class I(MHCI)presentation.Yet,efficient MHCI dependent immune responses to exogenous proteins require cross presentation by professional Antigen Presenting Cells(APCs),such as dendritic cells(DC).It is hard to envision how extremely short-lived proteins,such as DRi Ps,




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