Treatment of monocyte-derived dendritic cells from rheumatoid arthritis patients with Dexamethasone and MPLA induces a regulatory transcriptional profile overcoming disease-associated effects on gene expression


Paulina García-González;Katina Schinnerling;Alejandro Sepúlveda G;Gabriela Ubilla-Olguín;Lilian Soto;Oscar Neira;Ahmed M.Medhi;Hendrik J.Nel;Diego Catalán;Ranjeny Thomas;Ricardo A.Verdugo;Juan Carlos Aguillón;


<正>Background:Despite the potential of tolerogenic dendritic cells(tol DCs)as cellular therapy in autoimmunity,the mechanisms underlying differentiation towards a regulatory phenotype are poorly understood.We studied the transcriptional profile of tol DCs from healthy controls(HC)and rheumatoid arthritis patients(RA),modulated with dexamethasone(Dex)and monophosphoryl lipid A(MPLA)




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