Human Th17 cell development requires processing of dendritic cell-derived IL-8 by neutrophil elastase


Yuri Souwer;Esther Taanman-Kueter;Femke Muller;Toni van Capel;Domokos Varga;Yotam Bar-Ephraim;Marcel Teunissen;Marieke van Ham;Taco Kuijpers;Diana Wouters;Linde Meyaard;Esther de Jong;


<正>In recent years IL-17-producing effector T helper cells(Th17 cells)have been identified as a strong pro-inflammatory subset of immune cells that are crucial in defense against pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.Th17 cells are also implicated in the pathogenesis of various chronic inflammatory diseases,including allergic and auto-immune diseases.In spite of its immunological importance,factors that mediate human Th17 cell development are still under debate.Here we elucidate a




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