Inhibition of HIV-1 infection of dendritic cells by antibodies purified from HIV controllers in the ANRS CO21 CODEX study


Jéromine Klingler;Bin Su;Géraldine Laumond;Sylvie Schmidt;Camille Ducloy;Luzia Mayr;Thomas Decoville;Nathalie Salomé;Christine Rouzioux;Brigitte Autran;Olivier Lambotte;Christiane Moog;Henri Agut;Brigitte Autran;Francis Barin;Faroudy Boufassa;Dominique Costagliola;Olivier Lambotte;Laurence Meyer;Gianfranco Pancino;Christine Rouzioux;Assia Samri-Hassimi;Olivier Taulera;Ioannis Theodorou;Roland Tubiana;Alain Venet;Jean-Paul Viard;Yazdan Yazdanpanah;


<正>Current vaccination strategies strive to induce HIV-specific antibodies(Abs),several types of which are of interest.Among HIV-1 target cells,dendritic cells(DCs)have been proposed to be the first cells infected at the mucosa.HIC patients(HIV Controllers,undetectable viral load without therapy)showed moderate neutralizing activities using conventional neutralization assays.However,the capacity of these Abs to inhibit the infection of DCs was not analyzed.We hypothesize that LTNP




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