IL-25 promotes LPS-activated dendritic cells from atopic individuals to enhance a Th2-type response


Rui Zheng;Feng-Hong Chen;Wen-Xiang Gao;Dan Wang;Qin-Tai Yang;Kai Wang;Yin-Yan Lai;Jie Deng;Li-Jie Jiang;Yue-Qi Sun;Jian-Bo Shi;


<正>Background Recent studies suggest that epithelial cell(EC)-derived cytokines contribute to allergic airway disease exacerbation.We hypothesize that atopic dendritic cells(DCs)are activated to up-regulate the receptors of EC-derived cytokines and enhance Th2responses.Methods The expressions of IL-17RB(IL-25 receptor),membrane-bound ST2(IL-33 receptor),




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