Adipose recruitment and activation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells fuel metaflammation


Amrit Raj Ghosh;Roopkatha Bhattacharya;Titli Nargis;Shamik Bhattacharya;Oindrila Rahaman;Pritam Duttagupta;Deblina Raychaudhuri;Chinky Shiu Chen Liu;Shounak Roy;Parasar Ghosh;Shashi Khanna;Tamonas Chaudhuri;Om Tantia;Stefan Haak;Santu Bandyopadhyay;Satinath Mukhopadhyay;Partha Chakrabarti;Dipyaman Ganguly;


<正>Infiltrating immune cells in the adipose tissue(metaflammation),in addition to deregulated lipogenesis and adipokine expression,has been linked to metabolic syndrome in obesity.We now find that deregulation of a specific adipokine,chemerin may be involved in the initiation of this inflammatory milieu.We found obesity associated overexpression of Chemerin in the visceral adipose tissue(VAT)recruits plasmacytoid dendritic cells(p DCs)into the visceral adipose




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