Lung adenocarcinoma may be a more susceptive subtype to a dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine than other subtypes of non-small cell lung cancers: a multicenter retrospective analysis


Hidenori Takahashi;Yui Harada;Shigetaka Shimodaira;Masahiro Ogasawara;Shunichi Ota;Masanori Kobayashi;Hirofumi Abe;Yuji Morita;Kazuhiro Nagai;Shunichi Tsujitani;Masato Okamoto;Yukio Suzuki;Yoichi Nakanishi;Yoshikazu Yonemitsu;


<正>Objective:The J-SICT DC Vaccine Study Group provides dendritic cell(DC)vaccines for compassionate use under unified regimens for cell production and patient treatment.We reported a beneficial effect of DC vaccines on the overall survival of62 advanced non-small cell lung cancers(NSCLC)patients in a single-center analysis.Here we extended the analysis to 260 NSCLC patients treated at six centers.Methods:Of the 337 patients who met the inclusion criteria,the cases of the 260




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