Energy Management for Stand-alone PV System


Xianglin Zhu School of Electrical and Information Engineering Jiangsu University Zhenjiang,212013,China Zhiling Liao School of Electrical and Information Engineering Jiangsu University Zhenjiang,212013,China


A novel energy management control strategy for stand-alone PV system is proposed.The solar cell array powers the steady state energy and the battery compensates the dynamic energy in the system.The goal of the energy management control strategy is to control the un-directional DC-DC converter and bi-direction DC-DC converter to operate in suitable modes according to the condition of solar cell and battery,so as to coordinate the two sources of solar cell and battery supplying power and ensure the system operates with high efficiency and behaviors with good dynamic performance.A 500W experimental prototype of stand-alone photovoltaic power system was built in the lab.Experimental results are shown to verify the effectiveness of the proposed energy management strategy.


energy management,solar cell,photovoltaic


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