A Study on Construction of Open Courseware of Landscape Design


Qiao Li-fang,Hai-chao Luo,Mei Li,Yi-chuan Zhang School of Landscape Architecture Henan Institute of Science and Technology Xinxiang 453003,People's Republic of China


The open courseware of landscape design is constructed to release free teaching materials on the Internet for the use of institutions,students,and self-learners in the entire society.With the analysis of the necessity of constructing the open courseware of landscape design,the study showed that landscape is a highly practical subject,and the open courseware urgently requires construction due to the lack of standardization in the landscape industry.The results of the study indicated that the open courseware of landscape design can be constructed on the basis of B/S three-tier architecture,mainly consisting of the following modules:knowledge,cases,skills,materials,network resources,career certificates,and further education.By studying the model of course construction,this study offers references for the open courseware construction in the major of landscape,thus promoting the development of the landscape industry and the major of landscape,and strengthening the efficiency of personnel training.


open courseware;landscape design;construction


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