Application of optical flow method in inversion of ocean surface flow field


GUO Hongtao Institute of Meteorology,PLA University of Science and Technology,Shuanglong Road 60#,Nanjing,211101,China ZHANG Ying College of Geographic Science,Nanjing normal university,Wenyuan Road 1#,Yadong new District,Nanjing,210046,China


The ocean surface flow has important theoretic and practical significance for studying related issues of physical oceanography and improving accuracy of numerical ocean mode.Using the optical flow method,which is an important method in Computer Vision,this paper traces the brightness temperature changes of EOS/MODIS serial data and retrieves the sea surface current.Basing on the study of domestic and oversea,this paper achieve the following conclusion:(1) The research by using sequence image to trace inverted ocean surface flow field has been made frequently at abroad,but rather less at home;(2) In calculating ocean surface flow,it will be more appropriate if using ocean surface brightness temperature as the tracer rather than the ocean optical properties or the products inverted through marine optics;(3) The optical flow method may be used to make sequence image tracing and obtain ocean surface flow field,its inversion result coincides with the reality.


ocean surface flow;Optical Flow Method;Remote sensing;EOS/MODIS


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