Prestack reverse-time migration of acoustic wave equations in VTI media


Han Linghe and He Bingshou College of Marine Geosciences, Ocean University of China Qingdao, China


Based on the first-order acoustic wave equations in vertical transversely isotropic (VTI) media [1], high-order finite-difference schemes for reverse-time extrapolation and the perfectly matched layer (PML) absorbing boundary con- dition for the equations are derived. Prestack reverse-time depth migration of acoustic wave equations in VTI media using excitation-time imaging condition by maximum ampli- tude criteria and normalized cross-correlation imaging con- dition is carried out. Numerical experiments of anisotropic Marmousi model show that prestack reverse-time depth mi- gration of acoustic wave equations in VTI media has good imaging effect on complex models with steep dips and strong lateral velocity variation. Reverse-time migration imaging condition using normalized cross-correlation has better imag- ing effect. Additionally, the contrast between anisotropic and isotropic reverse-time migration profiles proves that better imaging results can be obtained using anisotropic migration algorithms for P-wave data acquired in anisotropic regions.


VTI media; reverse-time migration; quasi-P wave equations; finite-difference; boundary condition; imaging con- dition; Marmousi model


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