Personalized E-learning System based on intelligent Agent


Sun Duo Institute of Information Engineering Yang Zhou University Yang Zhou,China Zhou Cai Ying Institute of Information Engineering Yang Zhou University Yang Zhou,China


Lack of personalized learning is the key shortcoming of traditional e-Learning system.This paper analyzes the personal characters in e-Learning activity.In order to meet the personalized e-learning,a personalized e-learning system based on intelligent agent was proposed and realized in the paper.The structure of system,work process,the design of intelligent agent and the realization of intelligent agent were introduced in the paper.After the test use of the system by certain network school,we found that the system could improve the learners' initiative participation,which can provide learners with personalized knowledge service.Thus,we thought it might be a practical solution to realize self-learning and self-promotion in the lifelong education age.


personality;intelligent agent;e-learning;


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