Exploration of Remote Sensing Image Processing method for Glacial Geomorphology Research


Zhao Shangmin Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumchi,Xinjiang,China,830011 Cheng Weiming LREIS,Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,CAS,Beijing 100101,China Chen Xi Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumchi,Xinjiang,China,830011


Taking Mt.Namjagbarwa region as an example,this paper explores a complete remote sensing image processing method for glacial geomorphology research.Based on the selection of Landsat7 ETM+ images,the remote sensing image processing method such as band selection,overlap,fusion,mosaic and so on is carried out.The result shows: ① right selection of remote sensing images and proper process based on the characteristics of research area and research purpose,not only reduce the process difficulty,but make a firm foundation for subsequent glacial geomorphology research;② according to the computation of correlation coefficient between fusion images and original multi-spectral images,panchromatic high resolution images,the result shows that the principle component transformation method has better effect than IHS transformation method in remote sensing image fusion process.


image process;glaical geomorphology;correlation coefficient;principle component transformation;IHS transformation


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