Green Packaging Management of Logistics Enterprises


Guirong Zhang Shandong Jiaotong University Jinan,Shandong,China Zongjian Zhao Chang'an University xi'an,Shanxi,China


From the connotation of green logistics management,we discuss the principles of green packaging,and from the two levels of government and enterprises,we put forward a specific management strategy.The management of green packaging can be directly and indirectly promoted by laws,regulations,taxation,institutional and other measures.The government can also promote new investment to the development of green packaging materials,and establish specialized institutions to identify new packaging materials,standardization of packaging must also be accomplished through the power of the government.Business units of large scale through the packaging and container-based to reduce the use of packaging materials,develop and use green packaging materials and easy recycling packaging materials for proper packaging.


logistics,green Packaging,logistics management,green logistics


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