An approach for IPSecVPN Network Topology Discovery Based on Layer 3 Topology


Dancheng Li, Tianyi Yin, Cheng Liu , Chunyan Han, Yixian Liu Software College Northeastern University Shenyang 110004, Liaoning, P.R.China


Network topology discovery is crucial to auto network management system. In research area, the reseach of Layer 3 topology discovery uses ipRouteTable [1,2], which efficiency is slow. This paper proposes a improved approach to Layer 3 discovery algorithm.Then,this paper gives the time complexity of algorithm analysis. And this paper proposes a approach to discover IPSecVPN protocol topology based on Layer 3 topology.In addition,the architecture of topology discovery module proposed is helpful to further topology discovery. Those alogrithms relied on SNMP MIB information have been implemented in Java and tested in several enterprises network. The discovering results demonstrate that it is accurate and efficient to discover Layer 3 topology and IPSecVPN protocol topology.


Network Topology Discovery ; SNMP; OSPF; IPSec VPN


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