CFD modeling of the mixing process in a curved baffles crystallizer


Qiao.Chang Sheng;Chen.Xiao;Lou.peng;


The impact of different baffles on liquid homogenization in crystallization process were described. Compared with the flow field and velocity vectors of straight and curved baffles, it was found that the crystallizer with curved baffles can provide a more powerful driving force in the axial direction. And combined with the radial driving force provided by the disc turbine, dead zones at the bottom of blades were also eliminated. Due to its certain degree of twist, curved baffles can not only provide axial driving force, but it has broken the double circulation. Therefore, it made the flow field in crystallization reactor eventually distributed very well, eliminated the adhesion effect, and also made the axial flow in the crystallizer very significantly.


CFD;;Curved baffles;;Mixing


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