Research on soil erosion in Harbin based on GIS


CHEN Zhen;LIU Chang;LIU Zhao-gang;


The focus of soil erosion research has been in two categories:(i) built USLE based on the GIS platform, carried out a dynamic study of the soil erosion in Harbin;(ii) influence of forest cover and landforms on soil erosion comprehensively. Research shows that, the serious erosion area in 1990 and 2005 account for 28% and 41% of the total respectively. It mostly distributed in Shangzhi, Wuchang, Binxian, Acheng, Bayan. And the gully erosion of Bayan, Shangzhi has reached 11,000 t/a. The affect of geomorphology on soil erosion space variation mainly showed the erosion focus on the area with a gradient fewer than 25°, the erosion mostly shared in arable land with a slope between 10°and 25°. The soil erosion changes with the woodland changes, compare 2005 with 1990, the area of woodland has fallen by 3027.48 km2 and the total amount of erosion has increased 4,669.11 t/a.


soil erosion,RS,GIS,USLE


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