Targets Detection in SAR Image Used Coherence Analysis Based on S-Transform


Tao Tao;Zhenming Peng;Chaonan Yang;Fang Wei;Lihong Liu;


A novel method for dim moving target detection of synthetic aperture radar(SAR) image which is based on the S-transform(ST)domain coherent analyzing was proposed in this paper.Firstly,the paper describes the basic principle of ST;and analyzes the mechanism of the second generation of coherent algorithm.On the basis of these algorithms,the coherent formula was obtained which was used in this paper.Making use of the difference between STransform domain and background of moving target in SAR image with the same scene,coherent image could be constructed by coherent values which were calculated by the proposed coherent formula.In the coherent image,target can be detected by compare the coherent values.Experiments showed that the proposed method could detect the dim target.


S-transform,SAR image,coherence analysis,targets detection


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