A Highly Sensitive and Efficient Functionalized Magnetic Chemosensor for Cu~(2+) Removal


Xiangfeng Kong;Yuxiang Chen;Zaixiang Yang;Shixing Wang;Yang Zhou;


Fe_3O_4 nanoparticles were covalently functionalized by N-(quinoline-8-yl)-2-(3-triethoxysilyl-propylamino)-acetamide(QTPA), and finally utilized to be magnetic chemosensor for sensitive and efficient Cu~(2+) removal in aqueous solution. Fourier FT-IR, TEM, XRD and XPS results showed that QTPA was bonded to the surface of Fe_3O_4 nanoparticles. At room temperature, the magnetic chemosensor exhibited high removal efficiency towards Cu~(2+).


Fe_3O_4 nanoparticles;;functionalization;;chemosensor;;Cu~(2+) removal


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