Effect of survivin siRNA on biological behaviour of breast cancer MCF7cells


Hao Wang;Yi-Feng Ye;


Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences,Department of Breast Surgery of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital;


Objective:To investigate the expression of survivin in breast cancer cell lines and explore the effect of survivin siRNA on biology behavior of breast cancer cells.Methods:Western blot was performed to detect the expression of survivin in breast cancer cell lines.Eukaryotic expression vector pIRES2-EGFP-Survivin siRNA was constructed and transtected in MCF7 cells with liposome,the efficiency of survivin siRNA was measured by Western blot and RTPCR.Cell proliferation and apoptosis were detected by CCK8 and cell flow respectively.Cell migration and invasion was measured by transwell assay.Results:Survivin was highly expressed in MCF-7.Green fluorescence was found in MCF-7 cells tranfected with survivin siRNA and control siRNA by inverted fluorescence microscopy,the protein and mRNA level of survivin was significantly lower in cells tranfected with survivin siRNA compared with control group.Compared with control group,interfering the expression of survivin by siRNA significantly decreased the proliferation,migration and invasion of MCF-7 cells,the percentage of apoptosis cells was greatly promoted.Conclusions:Interfering the expression of Survivin can inhibit the cell proliferation,migration and invasion,and promot apoptosis in MCF-7.


Breast cancer;;Survivin;;Apoptosis;;Migration;;Invasion