Construction of Virtual Simulation Platform for Tourism


Shuang CHENG;Qiuju XIE;Jingfu ZHU;Ya GAO;Shuang WANG;Ruichen CHI;Ruijian LIU;


Institute of Information Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;


This paper introduced the application of the WebGIS and virtual reality technology in the tourism industry and analyzed the existing problems in the tourism information system.Taking Daqing Oil Field Scenic Sport as an example,it introduced a method of constructing the virtual simulation platform for tourism based on the combination of WebGIS and virtual reality technology.Through the virtual simulation platform of Daqing Tourism Scenic Spot,it verified the design idea,methods,and technical feasibility of the virtual tourism system,and built a specific,feasible,and practical virtual simulation platform for tourism.It showed the bright prospects of virtual tourism development based on WebGIS and virtual reality technology.


Virtual tourism;;WebGIS;;Virtual reality technology;;Interactive control