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Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
Comprehensive IF:2.021
Combined IF:2.196
Contemporary Korea
Comprehensive IF:0.274
Combined IF:1.024
Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Dynamics
Comprehensive IF:0.688
Combined IF:0.953
Northeast Asia Forum
Comprehensive IF:2.089
Combined IF:4.178
Environmental Science
Comprehensive IF:2.954
Combined IF:3.936
Comprehensive IF:1.637
Combined IF:1.912
South Asian Studies
Comprehensive IF:1.839
Combined IF:2.804
Russian Central Asian & East European Market
Comprehensive IF:0.592
Combined IF:1.112
Acta Meteorologica Sinica
Comprehensive IF:2.340
Combined IF:2.494
Population Journal
Comprehensive IF:3.202
Combined IF:5.550
Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
Comprehensive IF:0.960
Combined IF:1.212
Foreign Affairs Review
Comprehensive IF:3.141
Combined IF:5.070
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