History, Processing and Genetic Improvement of Soybeans in China


Junyi Gai Ruibao Zhou Shaojun Tian Shunhu Liu Soybean Processing Research Institute (Zhengzhou) Jointly established by National Center for Soybean Improvement and Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering


<正>Tracing back to the ancient Chinese literature written in about 6th century B.C., soybean had been used as a major food crop for people's and even emperor's daily life more than 3000 years ago. The history of cultivating soybean was believed about 5000 years in China. The seeds were stewed as meal and the leaves were cooked as soup. Later on, soybeans were used not only as principal food but also processed into various kinds of supplementary foods, such as dou-chi, tofu, dou-jiang, soybean oil, soybean sprouts, etc., even used for medical purposes of human being and


History,Processing and Genetic Improvement of Soybeans in China;


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