Clinical Research Market in Russia:Challenges and Advantages


Anton Edin;


<正>The quality of the clinical trials in Russia has been accepted by regulatory agencies such as the FDA and the EMA.The FDA inspection has rated Russia as having a standard quality of investigators leading to low deficiency rate.Russia has caught the attraction of big players in the pharmaceuticals industry,which has led to huge investments by these companies. There has been an exponential rise in the clinical research services outsourced to Russia over in recent years.Despite the economic downturn,outsourcing trends in the field of clinical trials continue to be on a high in Russia.The value of the clinical trials market in Russia was around US$ 200 Million in 2012.Owing to various factors like a huge population base,easy patient recruitment and cheaper cost of trials,which are currently driving the market,it is expected that by 2016,the clinical trials market would surpass US$ 300 million mark. Russia Clinical Trial Market Opportunity Analysis research report is an intriguing text that gives detailed facts and analysis on latest developments in the Russia Clinical Trial Market.The Report discusses various segments of the clinical trial market and analyzes the factors responsible for the growth and the need to resolve challenges to maintain growth momentum in future.


Clinical Research Market in Russia:Challenges and Advantages;


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