Religion and Politics:Social Justice as the Quranic Aim


Sayed Aliakbar Rabinataj;Rmezan Mahdavi Azadboni;


The aim in this paper is to display that how and why Quranic teaching has direct bearing on social justice. According to Quranic understanding of man God as the creator of human beings is also regarded as the origin of human seemingly diversity which if not guided and directed could be a significant root for human suffering and calamity.Human seemingly diversity in itself is not the cause for human suffering,and one basic teaching in Quran is to not base our act upon this diversity.This is the idea of Tauhid which intend to unify human being.Of course Quranic unification is not to remove the diversity.This diversity is the necessary condition and qualification of human life whiteout which mundane life could be impossible.The role of divine prophets consists in achieving this goal to promote social justice.One question here could be raised:what is social justice in Quranic teachings.The answer to the question is that Quran put forward merit based social justice.The conclusion is that Quran in its very nature displays teachings and concerns in order that just society be promoted.




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