Assessing Determinants of Green Purchase Intention


Chai Har Lee;Heng Yaw Ling;Jian Ai Yeow;Muhammad Arif Hasan;


The rising environmental issues have led to a considerable increase in the number of people concerning on green initiatives.This had also resulted the growing of products marketed as environmentally friendly or also known as green product.The development of green purchase has yet to mirror in current research particularly within Malaysian context.Hence,the aim of this study is to determine factors that influence consumers to purchase green product.The framework of this study consists of five independent variables(social influence,environmental concerns,pro environmental behavior,price sensitivity and personal values) against the dependent variable(green purchase intentions).The framework was developed based on prior literatures in related field.The result of this study was based on 112 valid responses from two cities in Malaysia.Preliminary findings reveal that three out of five hypotheses were supported.The findings suggested that pro environmental behavior was the most significant determinant of consumers green purchase intentions.We also furnished details on the implications and suggestions for future research.


Green purchase,Intention,Consumers,Malaysia


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