Production, Isolation and Purification of Peroxidase Using Bacillus Subtilis


P.Raja Rao;P.Kavya;


Peroxidases are classified as oxido reductases which are used for catalyzing various oxidative reactions.They are isolated from various sources like plants,animals and microbes.Peroxidases have wide applications in many areas like industrial,medical and food processing.In the present study,Bacillus subtilis was employed for the production of peroxidases.B.subtilis was isolated from soil using the Serial dilution method.Identification of B.subtilis was done by performing various staining techniques and biochemical assays.Pure cultures of B.subtilis were obtained and screened for the production of peroxidases and those cultures which produced the same were selected for further study.B.subtilis produced 0.00045 units of peroxidase per ml of fermentation media.Optimization studies were performed and it was found that the optimum conditions for the production of peroxidase are pH-6,Temperature-370C.Purification of peroxidase enzyme was done using Salt precipitation,dialysis and Ion exchange chromatographic techniques.Quantification of the resultant peroxidase was done by Lowry's method.Kinetics of the peroxidase enzyme were also studied.Enzyme immobilization was done and was found that the peroxidase activity increased after immobilization.


Peroxidase,Bacillus Subtilis,Enzyme Activity,Immobilization


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