Research on the Choice of pioneering Entry Strategy in New Venture


Yingyu DENG Economics and Management Department Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School P.R.China,518055


<正>Timing of entry is emphasized in entry strategy research as a key to increased understanding of new venture performance.The entrepreneur must determine the optimal entry strategy in terms of entry timing.In this paper,we focus on a fundamental entry strategy choices facing a new venture.We discuss the primary reasons why pioneer are likely to gain advantages and outperform followers in new venture.We also examine the conditions necessary for pioneers to gain advantages in the competitive arena.This paper proceeds as follows.First,we summarize the advantages of pioneering entry strategy by a review of the entry strategy literature relating to timing of entry.Second,we also analyse the determinant factors for pioneering entry strategy choice in new venture.


Entry strategy;;Entry order;;Pioneer;;New venture


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