Building the world-class mega sea-crossing project: management innovation of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge island-tunnel project


LIN Ming


China Communications Construction Company Ltd.;HZMB Island & Tunnel Project General Office


The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is a mega sea-crossing transportation project cooperated by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It has a length of 55km. Considering sustainability, the main navigational channel is a 6.7km immersed tunnel, and the bridge-tunnel transition is achieved by two artificial islands. The island and tunnel project used design-build contract mode; via the governmental transfer of partial management responsibility, the shifts of engineering work risk and management responsibility was done. This paper systematically reviewed the management innovation experience of the island and tunnel project. The project developed the general contract platform that satisfies the requirements of Chinese mainland environment, Hong Kong and Macao, made breakthrough on the critical issues of team cooperation, multi-threads coordination, and engineering dynamical management, and realized the mega-sized complex project collaboration management. The project used smart building technology. It innovated a set of techniques system of offshore immersed tunnel and technology of rapid offshore island building; it invented semi-rigid immersed tunnel structure and integrated-type positive-watersealing closure joint to solve the problems of deep immersed tunnel and offshore deep-water closure joint connection; it innovated combined foundation and composite foundation layer techniques and consequently solved the problems of time schedule and thick soft ground layer settlement control. In the project, the full-life-cycle green engineering philosophy was proposed, and the target management of three-staged green engineering system of design, construction, and operation was implemented. The design scheme was implanted by “longevity gene”; it innovated the workmanship and construction methodology was adopted to realize low carbon production; it focused on less or zero maintenance to reach maintenance management of low input, low consumption and high efficiency. The quality engineering philosophy of quality plus experience improvement was also proposed. Specifically, the strategy of work quality based on the conscious pursuit of engineering quality was customized, and a breathtaking beauty of the engineering art was created by disintegrating the overall fair-faced concrete structural design, construction and architecture aesthetics. On the basis of the thoughts of system engineering, the methodology of nature management on site was proposed, namely, five guarantees (childless and infirm old persons who are guaranteed with food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses), three-dimensional project development (the standardization project of Party building and foundation strengthening, the grid project of Party members’ services, and the project of Party building management) plus people’s interest first. Its core management philosophy is to respect labor and worker, let them have a respectful life and a respectful work, then they will conduct a respectful project, realizing the hope of wonderful life. With the advantage of design-build contract, the project implemented the first mega-sized design-build contract project in China transport industry, realizing the collaboration management of mega complex work. It insisted on engineering management innovation and exploration, proposed and performed the management of full-cycle-green engineering, quality and experience improvement, and problem-oriented global optimizing, building a world-class project. It insisted on independent innovation of science and technology, made technical breakthrough of building China’s first offshore immersed tunnel, and contributed the island-tunnel technology to the world.


project engineering management;design-build contract;full-life-cycle green engineering;quality engineering;nature management


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