Effect of replacement of fish meal by soybean meal in the diet on growth of red-claw crayfish(Cherax quadricarinatus)


Ye Jinyun~1,Pan Qian~2,Chen Jianming~2,Shen Binqian~2,Wang Youhui~2,Zhang Xueshu~3 1 Huzhou Normal University,Huzhou,Zhejiang 313000,China 2 Zhejiang Institute of Freshwater Fisheries,Huzhou 313001,China 3 Zhejiang Ocean University,Zhoushan 316004,China)


<正>A 60-day laboratory growth trial was conducted with red-claw crayfish(Cherax quadricarinatus) to determine the amount of fish meal protein that could be substituted by soybean meal protein in formulated crayfish diets without reducing growth.Crayfish received 34%crude protein(as fed),isocaloric diets in which protein was supplied by soybean meal,fish meal or an isonitrogenous mixture of soybean and fish meal calculated to provide graded levels of each protein source.Dietary protein was provided as:T1) 100%fish protein;T2) 20%soy protein: 80%fish protein;T3) 50%soy protein:50%fish protein;T4) 80%soy protein:20%fish protein;T5) 100%soy protein.Results of this study indicate that a dietary protein ratio of 20%soybean protein to 80%fish protein was optimum for red-claw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus fed a 34%crude protein diet under laboratory-culture conditions.Survival and body composition(MOI,CP,EE, ASH) of crayfish were not significantly different among all the treatments.


Cherax quadricarinatus;;Fish meal;;Soybean meal;;Weight gain;;SGR


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