Rough Sets Theory for Chinese-listed Companies' Fraudulent Financial Reporting Predictions


Yonghong Zhong Zheng Li Financial Engineering Research Centre,South China University of Technology Financial Department,Guangdong University of Business Studies


The rough sets approach is used to provide a set of rules able to discriminate between law-abiding and defrauded Chinese listed companies in order to predict fraudulent financial reporting firms.The paper uses 767 Chinese listed companies as model samples and 116 Chinese listed companies as test samples,the extracted rules are based on attribute value importance and dominance-based rough sets approach.The results shown the prediction model identified the law-abiding listed companies with 97.8 percent precision,at the same time identified the defrauded listed companies with 66 percent precision.The extracted identification rules reflect the economic laws on fraudulency.


Fraudulent Financial Reporting Predictions;Rough Sets Theory for Chinese-listed Companies;


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