Study of Corporate Culture Reengineering in Family Enterprises Based on Institutional Changes


LIU Ju-qin Xiangtan University Xiangtan,Hunan Province,China YI Ming Xiangtan University Xiangtan,Hunan Province,China


Both property right system and governance mode are the foundation of the corporate culture.While the business ownership and the operation control are handled by the family,the property right of Chinese family enterprises can be single.And this kind of institutional infrastructure has determined the main culture of our most family enterprises is kinship-based corporate culture.With the consistent changes in the external and internal environment faced by the family enterprise,this kind of culture will certainly obstruct its development,in that,the reengineering of corporate culture in the family enterprise is extremely urgent.On the other hand,the humanism-based corporate culture,which proposes the integration of values and interests,can provide the family enterprises with adaptive efficiency.It will be with no doubt a target model of reengineering.From the perspective of institutional change,the agent for corporate culture reengineering in family enterprises is the forming of primary action group by owners of family enterprise with entrepreneurial spirit,and the incentive for corporate culture reengineering is the change of transaction costs and predilection.Besides,only by overcoming the path dependence can the family enterprise fulfill the corporate culture reengineering and achieve the continual and steady development.


Family Enterprise;Institutional Change;Corporate Culture Reengineering


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