Empirical Study on Relations between Organizational Justice,Employees affection and Organization Performance


Maishou Li;


Sense of justice is an important psychological cognitive variable.Employee affection included in the employee competency is the key factor influencing the overall competitiveness of company.The goal of organization is to seek for high performance level.The objective of this article is to assess correlations between organizational Justice,employees affection and organization performance.Based on the literature review on organizational Justice,employees' affection and organization performance,conceptual model is structured.Then,Reliability analysis is applied to check the consistency and dimensionality of the scale items.Multiple regression analysis is also performed to check relations of three models.We find that organization justice has significant effect and prediction function on employee affection and organization performance.Moreover,employee affection plays the part moderating role,which means that the improvement of organization justice can promote the affection between employees and organization performance.


organization justice;;employee affection;;organization performance


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