Shaping of Local City Image under New Media Context


Shuo Chen;


The globalization and information in 21 st century have brought unprecedented oppo rtun ities and challenges to mankind.In order to stand out f rom the competition,cities around the world gradually begin to pay attention to city image construction and take it as an important bargaining chip in the competition between cities.It is wellknown that city image construction has provided powerful impetus and support for the development of the city and plays a vital role in the accumulation of human resources and social capital.But under the impact of new media,the existing communication mode cannot meet the demands of city image any more.In order to realize the maximization of the communication effect of city image,we must start from three aspects of communication subject,communication media and communication content to better shape the image of city brand and impro ve city's competition power.


omnimedia;;city image;;Nanyang;;communication


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