The Degradation of the Reasons and Countermeasures of Coastal Wetlands Ecosystem in Beibu Gulf


Wei Huang;Daobo Wang;Zhilian Fan;Liangyu Mo;


From human activities such as aquaculture,industry and tourism perspective,the status of development and utilization of the coastal wetland in Beibu gulf were discussed.Then,the degradation of the coastal wetland ecosystem in Beibu gulf were analysis:unreasonable reclamation such as the coastal wetlands coastal breeding failure,unreasonable grazing and poultry,port development and construction;offshore pollution aggravation;excessive use of biological resources such as excessive digging edible invertebrates and excessive collection bait factors.At last,the countermeasures and the recovery of Beibu gulf coastal wetland protection were put forward,namely:improving and implementing the protection of the ecological environment of coastal wetland system of laws and regulations;to further strengthen the construction of coastal wetland protection area;restoration and protection of coordinated economic development and coastal wetland;strengthening basic research in coastal wetland ecosystem restoration technology.


coastal wetlands;;Mangrove;;Beibu gulf;;protection countermeasures


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