Comparison and Relation between Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Two Manganese(Ⅱ) Coordination Polymers Based on(Triazol-1-yl)iso/terephthalic Acid


YAN Juan-Zhi;ZHAO Dan;LU Li-Ping;Taiyuan University;Institute of Molecular Science,Shanxi University;


Taiyuan University;Institute of Molecular Science,Shanxi University;


One new Mn(II) coordination polymer,[Mn(Htia)_2(H_2O)_2]_n·2nH_2O (1,H_2tia=4-(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)isophthalic acid) has been synthesized in mixed solvents under solvothermal conditions.Further characterizations including single-crystal XRD,elemental analysis,IR spectroscopy,thermogravimetric analysis and powder XRD were performed to verify the structure.Complex 1 displays a one-dimensional (1D) chain and is similar to a reported Mn(II) complex 2{[Mn(Htta)_2(H_2O)_2]·2H_2O}_n.It crystallizes in triclinic P1 space group,with a=7.5557(3),b=7.5974(3),c=11.8448(4)?,α=90.088(1)°,β=95.863(1)°,γ=113.668(1)°,V=618.81(4)?~3,Z=1,M_r=591.36 g/mol,D_c=1.587 mg/m~3,μ=0.609 mm~(-1),F(000)=303,GOOF=1.062,the final R=0.0359and w R=0.0818 for 4272 observed reflections with I>2σ(I).Based on two similar structures,Hirshfeld surface analysis confirmed both structures are mainly stabilized by O···H/H···O and C···H/H···C hydrogen bonds.Further,weak ferromagnetic behaviors between adjacent Mn(II) ions in 1D chain are obtained.


manganese(Ⅱ) complexes;;(triazol-1-yl)iso/terephthalic acid;;crystal structure;;Hirshfeld surface;;magnetic properties


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