Comparative Study on Competitiveness between Port of Fuzhou and Port of Taipei


Minru Yan;


With continuous development of economic globalization, the global trade link becomes closer and closer; some new changes happen in international shipping industry, which causes great influence on function layout of port. In order to fight for the position of shipping center, the competition between important ports becomes increasingly intense. The port of Fuzhou is located in Taiwan Strait region which takes Fuzhou, Xiamen, Taipei and Gaoxiong as core, and it is one of coastal key container artery ports in the west coast of the Taiwan Strait and only second to port of Xiamen. There exists great competition between the port of Fuzhou as an important international goods turnover port and the second biggest port – port of Taipei in Taiwan. This paper carries out comparative analysis on main advantages and disadvantages in terms of competitive force between port of Fuzhou and port of Taipei, and also gives a discussion on countermeasures about improving competitiveness of port of Fuzhou.


port of Fuzhou;;port of Taipei;;competitiveness;;countermeasures


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