Microorganism activity and declining in constructed wetland in winter


Tiehong Song~(1,2),Xiangkui Han~1,Zhenhua Huang~1 1.School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090 China 2.Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute,Changchun,130021,China


<正>We used Anaerobic Baffle Reactor(ABR) and constructed wetland to treat wastewater in winter.We inquiried into factors to increase acidification effect and the microorganism activity in wetland.As a result that influent COD was 260~300 mg/L,The acidification rate attained 56%,temperature was not limiting factor.The COD removal rate of constructed wetland was equal with level in summer.The low temperature declined removal efficiency and didn't influence to the degraded organic matter.The water temperature declined to 5℃as follows,the COD removal rate to decline to 50%,and the temperature would not key factor to influence of the COD removal rate.


constructed wetland;;temperature;;COD;;microorganism activity


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