Identification, Judicial Review and Application of Blasting seismic safety


Xian-fang GUO Jian-ming DU Changzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu Changzhou


The disputes about blasting seismic safety are always dissolved with the help of judicial identification. Identification is a kind of technical judgment made by the judicial appraiser through adopting scientific technology or professional knowledge to identify the truth. The identification suggestions can be adopted and trusted in judicial activities only after they have passed the judicial check. After that, they can show the probative force as evidences. It is proposed by taking a practical case that identification suggestions should be reviewed by rules——important facts in entity, such as qualification of the appraiser, execution of rules for the identification procedures, obedience to the identification basis etc, and important procedures such as the conformity of the examination on the evidence. The basic features of the judicial identification are reflected by the regular reviews. Besides, importance must be attached to the scientific review on the identification suggestions. The essential attributes of the judicial identification can be reflected by the scientific review, thereby, manifesting the value and meaning of judicial identification.


Blasting seismic safety; Judicial Identification; Judicial review; Regular review; Scientific review


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