The Construction and Application of Enterprise Purchase Decision-Making Models


Zhang Bowen 1 , Bu Guomiao 1 , Cao Yanling 2 1. College of Management, Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei Handan 056038, China 2. JiZong Energy Fengfeng Group Co, Ltd., Hebei Handan 056200, China


Previous purchase methods can't meet the needs of this kind of enterprise so that its stock of purchase goods is very small, the price is very expensive and it fluctuates widely with the change of the market. The price is one of the important factors of the purchase decision-making to this kind of enterprise, so it is the key to build a purchase method about price. The paper builds a model of purchase price decision-making based on the fuzzy set theory for the uncertainty of the price. Finally, with an enterprise case, the paper calculates the best purchase opportunity and each kind of purchase commodity is the most superior fund allocation of this enterprise in a purchase decision-making time, and the paper examines the validity and reliability of the model.


price, purchase, decision-making, fuzzy set theory


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