Fabrication and Mechanical Property of ZrC/Cr 2AlC Composites


XU Wei-Min;LI Shi-Bo;HU Shu-Jun;JIANG Ji-Peng;YU Wen-Bo;ZHOU Yang




Cr 2AlC is a representative material in MAX phase family due to its combination of metallic and ceramic properties such as high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion, good oxidation resistance. To further improve the performance of Cr 2AlC, ZrC as a reinforcement was selected to reinforce Cr 2AlC matrix composites by hot pressing technique. The influence of ZrC content on the mechanical property of ZrC/Cr 2AlC composites was investigated. The results showed that the 10 vol% ZrC/Cr 2AlC composite improved the flexural strength (715 MPa) and Vickers hardness (7 GPa) by 80% and 106%, respectively, as compared with those of the pure Cr 2AlC material. The data from this study indicate that Cr 2AlC MAX possesses broad application potential.


ZrC/Cr 2AlC;composite;mechanical property;microstructure


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