Nitrogen metabolism in rice affected by non-flooded plastic film mulching cultivation


Xinghua Lu1,Lianghuan Wu1,Linjiang Pang2 aMOE Key Lab of Environmental Remediation and Ecosystem Health,,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310029,China; bSchool of agriculture and food,Zhejiang Forest University,Linan,311300,China


<正>Non-flooded plastic film mulching cultivation (PM), a new high-efficiency and water-saving cultivation technique, has been adopted and developed in many regions of China since 1980s. In this paper, field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of three cultivation


nitrogen metabolism,non-flooded plastic film mulching cultivation (PM),non-flooded unmulching cultivation (UM),rice (Oryza stativa L.),traditional flooding cultivation (TF)


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