Anomalous Magnetic Behavior in Phase-separated La_(0.5) Sr_(0.5) MnO_(3+δ) Films


Yu Dunbo Ying Qiming , Zhang Guocheng Li Tong , Du Yongsheng , Wang Bo, Yan Hui (Grirem Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. , Beijing 100088, China; Thin Film Materials Laboratory, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100022, China)


<正> (001)La0.5Sr0.5MnO3+δfilms on (001 )LaAlO3 substrates were prepared by using a RF magnetron sputtering with powder target. At low temperature, the films exhibit two phase coexistence, which means that ferromagnetic (FM) clusters are embedded in antiferromagnetic (AFM) matrix. Moreover, a shift in hysteresis loop is unexpectedly observed in this inhomogeneous system. We suggest that the anomalous hysteresis loop may result from the unidirectional exchange anisotropy at the interface between AFM and FM clusters.


phase separation, manganite, hysteresis loop


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