Specification Requirement for Thermal Stability of Sintered NdFeB Materials for Electrical Machines


Lin Yan, Jiang Daiwei, Chen Lixiang, Chen Hailing, Bi Haitao, Tang Renyuan (Research Institute of special Electrical Machine, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang 110023, China)


<正> Based on IEC standards and Chinese national standards of sintered NdFeB materials, in the paper the high-temperature , room-temperature properties and thermal stability of about one hundred samples of NdFeB materials for e-lectrical machines were measured and analyzed. These materials are produced by ten representative manufactories in China. Combined with the analysis results,the paper points out that the magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB materials for electrical machines should meet not only the specific values in standards, such as B(?),(BH)max,HcJ,but also the requirement of temperature coefficients a(Br) ,a(HcJ).


NdFeB; temperature coefficient; thermal stability


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